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Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Dec 31, 2014

Trying to find the right hair color to match your blue eyes can be quite difficult, more difficult than you may initially think. In order to determine which hair color is right for your blue eyes there are a variety of factors to consider, the primary one being skin tone. Choosing the right color is an art in itself and you really do want to make sure to get it right because when it comes to choosing hair color for blue eyes making the wrong choice can make you look anything but appealing.

Color Palette

Blue-eyed girls generally look great with a variety of colors from blonde to brown, and going red is also an option too. However, in order to make your hair color work for you and give you that 'pop' you've been looking for, you should choose a color that is no more than four or five shades away from your hair's natural color.

Below are some examples:



Warm or Cool Skin Tone

When choosing a hair color to compliment blue-eyes, your skin tone and skin color are among the most important factors to consider. First of all, you need to determine if your skin is a warm tone or a cool tone. To figure out which type of skin tone you have, you will want to observe the color of your veins on your inner arm in natural light. If your veins appear to have a green tint you are probably one of the less common type of blue-eyed women who have a warm skin tone. In comparison, those with bluish veins fall in the 'cool' category. To make sure you have gotten it right, take a piece of gold clothing or jewelry and then a piece of silver clothing or jewelry and hold both next to your skin. If the silver suits you better than you are probably cool-toned, whereas if the gold matches you are most likely warm-toned. Watch the video for detailed explanation for this point:

Matching Up

The best way to choose your hair color is to essentially match your skin tone. Gold, yellow and amber shades work best for those with warm skin tones whereas 'natural' colors like brown work better for individuals with a cool skin tone. Blue veined, cool-toned ladies are able to pull of a variety of different colors ranging from platinum blonde to brown. However should you take this route, you ought to generally stick to colors with blue or silver overtones. If your skin has a yellowish hue to it, it's recommended to try hair colors found midway between blonde and brown with golden overtones. Light brown or honey blonde are good examples of this.

Women of Color

Women of color generally tend to have warm skin tones and naturally dark hair. Therefore with regards to the rule of staying four to five shades from your natural color, women of color should generally avoid light and even medium blonde colors, as this will create a very artificial look. Some women may be able to pull off a dark blonde but generally speaking darker shades of brown with golden overtones are better options. The best hair colors for dark-skinned women are caramel, golden brown and bronze. It is quite unusual for darker skinned women to have light blue eyes, so choosing the right hair color can make your eyes pop even more than they already do.


In addition to choosing a hair color that suits your blue eyes and skin tone, it is also important to choose a color that sends out the right message. It is well established that different hair colors can subconsciously affect the way others perceive you. For instance, girls with brown hair usually project the image of a “good girl,” while blondes may be perceived as being more out-going and fun. Those with red hair on the other hand will usually project an image of being thin-skinned, feisty and daring.