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How to Produce More Breast Milk

Jan 13, 2014

Many mothers are concerned about their milk production. They think that can’t provide sufficient amount of milk that their infants require. More often than not, this concern is only driven by external factors. On the other hand, an infant’s increased appetite during growth can leave an impression to mothers that they are not getting enough milk.

If you’re breastfeeding, observe your baby and see if he does not gain weight or shows signs of weight loss. In such scenario, you must start producing more milk through various procedures. Below are useful tips on increasing milk supply.

How to Produce More Breast Milk

1. Breastfeed Regularly

One of the good things about the body is its ability to adapt to various changes. Milk production and breastfeeding are among these changes. Regular breastfeeding causes the body to maximize its milk production to meet its perceived demand. Several studies highlight that women switching their infants to formulas significantly decrease milk production since the body does not feel the changes caused by breastfeeding demands.

2. Massage

Experts advise mothers to massage their breast to trigger enhanced milk production. Right massage procedures, which can be obtained online or as tip from service provider, induce MER necessary for producing more milk. Common massaging procedure includes applying warm compress on the breast. Get a towel soaked in warm water and place on your breast before conducting the actual massage procedure. Stroke the top of your breast down towards on the nipple. Apply gentle touch while stroking, which promotes oxytocin stimulation while relaxing your body. Watch the following video for massaging and compression techniques to increase milk flow:

3. Eat Those Foods

Fenugreek Seeds


Also known as Methi seeds, Fenugreek seeds are widely used in ancient beliefs or medicine in promoting breast milk production. Fenugreek seeds contain abundant amounts of iron, minerals, calciums and other vitamins. Experts advise mothers by incorporating methi on daily diet, which will show significant increase in produced milk in seven days.

Fennel Seeds


Several studies support the effectiveness of fennel seeds in milk production. The vitamin C-rich seeds can be taken with desserts and other meals. Aside from augmenting milk supply, this seed is also good in aiding digestion while preventing colic in infants.

Green and Gourd Vegetables


Traditional methods of promoting milk supply include gourd family members like tori and lauki. They are packed with necessary nutrients that can improve your health without posing digestion stress. Certain green vegetables, on the other hand contain minerals that increase milk production. Examples of these vegetables are spinach, asparagus and beans.

Red vegetables


Beta-carotene rich vegetables like red vegetables including carrot and beets improve milk production while extending breastfeeding benefits. These vegetables are rich in iron and can be easily mixed with different meal types.



Nuts like cashews and almonds are well-known milk supply enhancers. Can be consumed raw or blended in desserts or meals.



Oats are not only famous for having high fiber content, but also in its ability in promoting milk supply for nursing mothers. It can be prepared together with a wide variety of meals.



Garlic is known for its health benefits. What many women don’t know is that it has milk supply-boosting components that nursing mothers will find beneficial. Similarly with other food ingredients, garlic can be taken raw or as ingredient used on meals.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Breast milk is produced in liquid form. Hence, boosting milk production requires more fluids like water. Drinking up to 12 glass of water daily will not only aid improving milk supply but also replenishing water loss that may result to dehydration.

5. Other Tips

Aside from diet changes and altering nursing practices, other factors can also aid in boosting milk supply. For instance, rest and relaxation are essential factors for milk production that most women often overlook.


A tired body generally presents impaired processes or function, which also includes milk production. The body needs to regain its energy to maximize milk supply while nursing infants. Nursing mothers are advised to take enough rest for continuous increased breast milk supply while generally improving their well-being.


Similarly with exhaustion, extensive stress can also impair several bodily processes. Motherhood presents quite a lot of stress, which results to dropping down its reflex in producing milk and lactation. Stay relaxed and ask a family member or friend to look after the baby for a while for stress relief.


Breast pumps are known devices that help in obtaining breast milk. It lets mothers store breast milk, which ultimately leads to producing more milk to sustain the needed supply. Furthermore, breast pumps work like a massager that simulates the process of generating milk supply.

Switch nursing

Switch nursing means using breasts alternately for breast feeding. Most of the time, infants get tired by sucking on one breast. Switch him over to the other breast until both milk supply are consumed, giving way for the body to produce more milk.

Ask for a professional’s help

An expert lactation consultant or organizations like local branches of La Leche League can be of help for mothers who are running out of options in increasing milk supply. Professionals or experienced individuals will assess the infant’s suck and latch on, which is helpful in maximizing nursing procedures.

Watch a video for more tips on increasing milk supply: