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9 Great Ab Exercises That You Can Do While Sitting

Apr 04, 2018

It is hard to avoid in today's busy world, and not being able to exercise can make things even worse. So many people understand the importance of exercising to stay fit and healthy, but they just cannot find time to exercise. Thankfully, you do not always need to join the gym to exercise because you can try several sitting ab exercises that help you burn calories and give you a flat stomach at the same time. Let's find out more about some good and effective ab exercises.

Sitting Ab Exercises

Instead of going to the gym, you can perform several exercises while sitting. Even if you are at work, you can still spend some minutes doing a few moves to help stay fit and healthy. Here are some good exercises to try.

1. Crunches


Talk about ab exercises and everyone would tell you to perform crunches. The good thing is that instead of performing your crunches on the floor, you can perform them while sitting. Simply change your position in your chair – you should be in an upright position with your knees and back making a 90-degree angle. With your hands placed on the sides of your head, slowly crunch your upper body and move downwards. Be sure to squeeze your abs as hard as you can while performing the move. Do several reps to get a nice abdominal burn.

2. Plank

An important move that you will see in yoga classes, performing planks can help you activate your abdominal muscles quite efficiently. You can perform the move using your chair and desk. Start by opening your arms with your hands placed firmly on the edges of your desk or chair. Slowly move your feet away from the desk to create an angle. Slowly lift your hip in the upward direction to create a straight line right from your shoulders to your heels. Stop when you feel pressure on your abdominal muscle and maintain the position for as long as you can.

3. Elbow and Knees Alternating


The standard form of this exercise involves lying down and then moving alternating elbow and knee. You can turn it into one of the best sitting ab exercises. Sit comfortably in a chair and then place your hands around your head. Now, slowly, twist your body and lift your left leg while bringing your right elbow towards the knee. That twisting motion will engage your obliques and abdominal muscles. Be sure to hold the position for a few seconds before switching sides.

4. Seated Bicycle Pedal

Considered one of the most effective exercises to engage your abdominal muscles, seated bicycle pedal can be done anywhere, anytime. Find a chair with the armrests. Now, slide to the edge of the chair keeping your hands on the armrests for support. Lift your knees and switch to a position as if you are going to pedal a bicycle. Keeping your abs contracted, bring your knees close to your chest while imitating the pedaling movement. Keep doing it for a minute or so. Take a break and then repeat again.

5. Leg Pull-Ins


You can target your lower abs with the help of this outstanding exercise. The standard way to do it is while using an exercise bench, but you can do it sitting in your chair as well. Sit on the front edge of your chair and extend your legs in front of you. Ensure that the edges of the chair stay behind your buttocks, and then slowly lift your legs a few inches from the ground. Lean back slightly and pull your knees to your chest while leaning forward. Keep repeating the movement by extending your knees out and then pushing them back towards your chest in a continuous movement. You should perform 3 sets of this exercise to give your abdominal muscles a good workout.

6. Side Bends

You can target your obliques or sides of your abdomen with the help of this exercise. With one hand around your head, extend the other in front of you. While contracting your abs, bend towards your side. Be sure to give your obliques a tight squeeze while performing the movement. Perform 10 reps per side.

7. Russian Twists


Sit comfortably in a chair and then turn your body sideways to get your back out of the way. Lean back slightly while engaging your core and then extend your hands in front of your body. Slowly rotate your shoulders to one side and then the other continuously. Perform 10 reps for maximum effects.

8. Waist Rotation

A waist rotation may look simple but it is among the most effective sitting ab exercises because it targets the entire abdominal region. Maintain an upright sitting position in your chair and engage your core. Slowly rotate at your waist to one side without compromising your upright position. Maintain the stretch for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other side.

9. Flutter Kicks


To perform this movement, you need to sit on the edges of the chair and slightly lean back. Now, flutter kick your legs for 30 repetitions. Be sure to keep your core engaged all the time to get good results.